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G. Fred Asbell ~ Ken Beck - Black Widow Instinctive Shooting Clinics

Only a few spots are still open - don't miss your chance - register today.

Message from G. Fred Asbell:

Fellow Bowhunters,

We all want to be the best we can be when it comes to hunting with the bow and arrow. Bowhunting is a great and challenging endeavor and probably only a few people ever reach their maximum potential. Which, in many ways is unfortunate. Not just because it means you'll be less successful, but also because maximizing your potential means understanding and becoming a part of the great outdoor world into which bowhunting takes us. And, for many of us, turns bowhunting into a life altering experience.

But, in the end, the concrete purpose of this workshop is to make you a better bowhunter. If you truly believe you can become a better bowhunter, this is the experience for you. If you want to know you can trust your equipment, know you can trust your instincts and make that killing shot time after time, you need to come join us.

G. Fred Asbell



Message from Ken Beck:

Greetings Traditionalists,

It is our pleasure to invite a few serious bowhunters to participate in two days of classroom and outdoor bowhunting instruction with hands on involvement. The classes will take place at the Black Widow facility in Nixa, Missouri.

G. Fred Asbell is a modern pioneer of bowhunting. In the early 1960's he once spent a three-month stretch hunting in Alaska's wilderness. He became Bowhunting magazine's hunting editor in 1978 and has served as president of Pope and Young. In 1977 he co-founded Bighorn Bowhunting Company and ran it until 1991.

I believe that Fred has done more in the past two decades to resurrect and promote the use of traditional equipment than any person I know. Through his books, videos and seminars on instinctive shooting he has intrigued and instructed a whole new generation of hunters to return to the ways of Howard Hill and Fred Bear. (Not to mention a lot of "Old Dogs" returning to the stick and string as well!)

This is your opportunity to learn from the Master!

In addition, if you are having problems with tuning and arrow flight, (be it wood, aluminum or graphite) we will help you solve them. You will also have an opportunity to tour the "Widow Works" and observe the "Widow Workers" practicing their craft. In addition, you can try out any of over 150 bows in the showroom.

Sincerely, Ken Beck




Instinctive shooting
• Why We Miss
• The Perfect Shot
• Proper Practice
• Personal Analysis & Instruction

Digital Videotaping
• Instant Shooter Analysis
• Pinpoint Stop Action
• Personal Copy For Future Use

Bow Setup & Arrow Flight

• Longbow and Recurve

• Wood, Aluminum & Graphite

• Match up & Tuning


Clinics are held at Black Widow Custom Bows in Nixa MO


$100.00 Non-refundable deposit due upon enrolling.

Balance due March 1st, 2015

Clinic #1: May 8th & 9th 2015 (Friday & Saturday)

Clinic #2: May 15th & 16th,, 2015 (Friday & Saturday)


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