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G. Fred Asbell designed earlier versions of this quiver some 25+ years ago. It has always been one of his favorites and now it can be yours. The GFA is handy to use even with backpacks and fanny packs. Whether you're bowhunting, stump shooting, or roving a 3D course, the GFA quiver is tough to beat.

  • Designed by G. Fred Asbell
  • One of the most versatile quivers ever
  • Holds up to seven arrows
  • Fully adjustable nylon shoulder strap
  • Available for wood and carbon arrows


    If you don't care for a quiver on your bow, then try a GFA over-the-shoulder quiver today.

    Our G. Fred Asbell quiver is available from:

     3Rivers Archery   Black Widow Bows   Kustom King Traditional Archery    TradTech Archery


    For fans of the GFA quiver looking for a quiver that's a bit more special we offer the GFA Quiver with a Moose hide covered hood. The leather is a rich looking rough suede, dyed a rustic brown that will blend in with any hunting environment. Fred will sign each quiver making it a collectible piece of equipment. This Autographed GFA quiver is being made exclusively for Ron Laclair and won't be available anywhere else.

    Our Moose hide G. Fred Asbell quiver is available exclusively from:

    Ron Laclair's Traditional Archery Shoppe



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